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Let our over 40 years experience work for you - telecom without the static.

We are an experienced group with average years of experience at 40 years in telecommunications. We vary in size of our work group from 3 technicians to 8 technicians depending on the amount of projects we have working.

Our main service areas are Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco and Hernando counties but will travel to Polk, Orange, Manatee, Sarasota and Citrus. We have done work in Jacksonville and on the East Coast on a per customer basis.

The Business of Business Phones
Do you need to add more business phones to your office but have been told you need to update your entire system in order to expand it? You don’t! Often times providers will convince their customers to spend thousands more than necessary, upgrading an entire office when only a few new lines were needed to expand your trusted, reliable business and voicemail system. We provide training to customize your phones and mailboxes, changing greetings and directories and get buttons on your system doing what they’re intended to do.

We have years of experience working with Nortel systems - the most used phone system all over the country. Though the phone company doesn’t always support these systems today, we do! And be careful when upgrading to a system that only one provider can service - you’ll be locked in to one company, one specialist, and one non-competitive rate structure. Oh, and we can service met brands beyond Nortel as well, so give us a call today!

Ready to move into the world of VOIP? This may not be the best solution for your business. It can lead to poor voice quality and pull on your network, leading to added costs both in business efficiency and network expansion. Let us work with you to ensure you have the wiring you need to make your system work for you. It is imperative that you have CAT5E cable for both your phone and computers!

Customer System

It doesn’t cost anything to talk - if you're considering a new business phone system for your office give us a call first so we can explore the most effective and cost efficient solution for your business. We do wiring, system upgrades and installations, and more - we gladly de-couple our services to fit your needs, not our own agenda. We specialize in troubleshooting and repairing as well as training solutions for your office.

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